Client Testimonials


“Working with Jenni has literally been life changing. I have so much more energy, I sleep better and have lost weight! She is a great teacher giving clear explanations for her recommendations and breaking down her suggested changes into manageable and realistic chunks. I can whole heartedly recommend Jenni as a professional with a huge amount of knowledge but also a huge amount of practicality and understanding. “ Emma, Herts

"After years of feeling constantly fatigued, struggling to loose weight (hypothyroidism), and stressed, I decided to take action.  I happened upon one of Jenni's leaflets and decided to give her a call - most definitely one of the best decisions I have made. Jenni took time to find out not only about my eating habits, but also my lifestyle and health, and devised an achievable plan. I wholeheartedly took on board Jenni's advice,  and with her support and encouragement I knew I could achieve my goal. After 12 weeks I feel more energised, nourished, and able to cope with stress. I am back exercising, I am loosing weight, starting to enjoy hobbies and life again. My sparkle is back. Jenni's support and encouragement were invaluable.  Jenni's is clearly committed to help people - she genuinely cares. Big thank you Jenni." - Karen, Herts


"Jenni has the patience of a saint. She helped me understand that the IBS pain I was experiencing that had become my normal was in fact not, and it was nice to be taken seriously, rather than just being told I had IBS. She helped me understand which external factors contributed to my pain and also helped me unearth regular patterns that needed breaking with thought and behaviour changes. I am now managing my symptoms and can’t believe how much pain I used to be in! I know which foods to avoid, which ones I can sometimes have and ones that I can now eat that I didn’t think I could. It has changed my life, and although the process is quite hard as it not only requires some planning but also some patience which is not my key strength, slowly and surely I began to realise what a positive impact Jenni had helped me achieve both physically and emotionally. I know she will always be at the end of the phone and she has certainly helped me succeed when it felt like I had tried every method available. Thank you Jenni "- Becky, Herts. 

“Working with Jenni has given me so much more freedom and genuinely made me happier. Before I started the programme, I felt like my gut and my symptoms were in control of my life which would often get me down, but Jenni has empowered me to take back control. I have so much more understanding of my triggers - both food-wise and in terms of stress - and recognise warning signs earlier which allows me to make better choices. Jenni has not only given me recipes and advice about food, but also strategies for managing stress and anxiety which have been so useful in reducing my symptoms and making me feel a million times better in mind and body.” - Rebecca, Herts


"After having a non very pleasant experience with another professional, I decided to give it another chance and went for something more custom. And I can say that I definitely loved it because Jenni was extremely competent. I could achieve all of my goals because she listened what was important to me and led me to the best way to achieve them. And it wasn't only about the nutrition part because she gave me loads of emotional support and motivation to make the best changes in my life overall. I'm really happy, highly recommend her and it would be a pleasure to work with her again" - Erin, Herts

"I can highly recommend Jenni's nutritional therapy services. She clearly has a lot of experience, and was able to quickly and effectively diagnose and treat several issues I had. With her help over the 12 week period, I was able to make significant changes that have made a big difference to my life."  Matt, Herts



"Jenni knows her stuff! She connects the dots from initial chats and is non-judgemental when you talk about eating & exercise habits. Jenni is really motivating and positive." - Kavya, Herts