Health and wellness programmes

We work together over a period of 12 weeks. There are 3 levels of the programme which vary based on the level of support you need. To find out which level would be best for you, book in your free call here.

My aim is to make your health improvements as long lasting as possible.  This isn’t about quick fixes - my commitment is to support you in achieving your goals and enjoying the results long term.

I won’t just be telling you what to do - we work in a collaborative setting to make sure the steps needed to be put into place are achieved in a manageable way. As well as providing you with the personalised nutritional guidance, I help to coach and guide you through the programme to overcome any potential barriers that might get in your way. It is this support and motivation that makes my client so successful in achieving their goals.

Programmes include;

  • In depth assessment to get to the root of your symptoms based on a questionnaire and 3 day food diary completed prior to the initial consultation (exploring lifestyle, medical history, family history, stress, sleep & more)

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme aimed at achieving your desired results. The programme is bespoke to you - working around your daily routine, lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

  • Thorough report sent to you following each session with the next steps required

  • Collaborative goal setting and health coaching to guide you throughout the programme, overcoming any previous obstacles, identifying any areas you struggle with and making sure you have the tools to maintain the improvements

  • Recipes & relevant handouts

  • Email/text support throughout

  • I may also recommend some supplements and/or functional diagnostic testing which I can organise through a number of laboratories to investigate potential imbalances.

Consultations can be face to face in clinic or using Zoom (a bit like Skype). Easy payment options are available. 

Other services I offer

  • Corporate wellness talks

  • Events and workshops

  • Guest blog posts