what is nutritional therapy?


Nutritional therapy aims to address the underlying root cause of your symptoms or health issues. Our job involves some detective work, often tracking back to find what caused the problem. For example, often we can be eating very well but the nutrients aren’t being properly absorbed which can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, frequent colds, digestive problems and more.

Food should be nourishing, energizing and importantly – enjoyed! Sometimes striking a balance is difficult, complicated and confused by marketing messages. Reaching optimal health is encouraged through not only nutrition, but also lifestyle factors. This type of practice is based on functional medicine principles, which means we look at the ‘whole person’  for a positive long term solution. Nutritional therapy is patient centered and can be powerful and effective in a number of scenarios.

Often small changes can reap life-changing results. The effectiveness of this, however, is partly up to you. The more committed and consistent you are, the better results you’ll see.

Nutritional Therapists will often work alongside medical professionals to support many functions such as:

- Fatigue
- Low mood
- Compromised immunity

- Digestive problems
- Hormonal issues
- Allergies
- Stress management

- Skin complaints
- Weight management


Why work with me? 

What sets me apart from practitioners in the area is that I combine nutritional therapywith health coaching to help you put that knowledge in to practice in a meaningful way – by your side throughout. 

I am truly dedicated to empowering my clients to make the changes needed to achieve their health goals with focus on empathy, support, motivation, education and success. From chronic illness to just niggling symptoms – even the smallest adjustments can lead to optimal health.

We will work in a comfortable and collaborative environment, aiming for positive results and managing challenges you face daily. After each consultation, you will take home a report based around your individual needs, routine, likes and dislikes.